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Relationship Based Behavior Modification & Training

Helping you find the joy in communicating with your dog on a deeper level.

How We Train

Relationship Based
Behavior Modification

What is Behavior Modification?

Dogs have a language with which they communicate that many humans are not familiar with. If you have a middle of the road, easy-going dog, there may not be obvious ill effects of miscommunication. For many dogs though, communicating with them in a language that they don’t understand causes confusion which may lead to unwanted behaviors.

At The Balanced Pack, I will teach you the language that your dog can understand, thereby strengthening your relationship so you and your dog can work and live together harmoniously. Through my method of training, we are not telling your dog what to do, but rather asking. Once you have the foundation of your relationship strengthened, your dog will WANT to work with you and to behave.

Common Behavior Problems

Anxiety, excessive barking, aggression toward people, aggression towards dogs, leash pulling, escaping/running away, fear, biting, growling, jumping, puppy problems, stealing food, chewing, housebreaking, crate training, reactivity, food aggression, resource guarding. I also provide Basic Obedience Training.

Custom Plans & Follow-up support

I will tailor a specific plan for your family and dog. I will teach you how to communicate with your dog so that they can understand you. I will then target specific areas of concern and how to handle them.  We will remain in touch during the weeks after your in-home training sessions and can schedule follow-up visits as needed to help you put the plans into place. Let me help balance your pack!

Alison Kaiser - Massachusetts Dog Trainer

Alison Kaiser, ABC-CDT, IACP, C/HRI
Animal Care Specialist

Muddy & Sadie, Alison’s Balanced Pack

Hi, I’m Alison

I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you a little about myself. I have been passionate about animals my entire life and have been an animal care professional for 26 years.

While the majority of my career has been in the capacity of animal care, through dog walking/pet sitting, veterinary technician, and dog daycare, I have always been enthusiastic about helping my clients solve problems they are experiencing with their dogs. I generally did this through casual conversations with the client while their dog was in my care. I found that I just could not help, or relay the information, in the amount needed to have a positive effect without digging deeper into the dog’s home life.
I had been training in Relationship Based Behavior Modification and decided to take my training and knowledge into my client’s home where I could make real change. The results I have seen in the relationships my clients have with their dogs has been amazing, humbling, and heart-warming. To see the happiness and love between a human and their dog once they’re able to understand each other is the best feeling in the world. I’ve also been lucky to make some new friendships along the way!
When I am not running my dog daycare or practicing in-home behavior modification, I am the mother of two human teenagers and two dogs. I spend my free time out in nature with the dogs, organic gardening, cooking, swimming, skiing, reading, crafting, and sewing. I’m a native of New England (yes I love snow, sorry) and have been raising my kids and dogs in Littleton, MA for 20 years.

Kind Words From Happy Dog Owners

I don’t know where to start. I can’t begin to tell you how much all of your hard work with Stella means to us. We are excited to see the new and improved Stella, and of course continue with your guidelines! I want nothing more than a happy dog and family! We can do this, you have been wonderful!

MarySue, Curtis & Caroline

You’ve been so amazing – so above and beyond wonderful before, during and now after Michelle’s adoption. You are so extremely generous, knowledgeable, caring and wise. The most amazing thing is your willingness to continue to work with her after the adoption! Cheers to more dogs learning by your side!

Gigi, Maureen & Bill

We first met Alison in 2003 when she opened Country Canine in Acton. Our two border collies loved the place, and the people, and only retired from daycare when we moved, in 2014. Recently, having returned to the area, we adopted two rescue dogs and found that we were out of our depth with some of the behavior issues. I knew that Alison had started Balanced Pack Training, and was glad to be able to call her for help. Her insight and guidance with both our rescues have been invaluable. Aside from running the dog daycare for many years, Alison continues to build on her knowledge by attending advanced canine training courses, as well as staying abreast of new techniques and research. She is generous with her time and knowledge, informed, capable and always professional. We feel very fortunate to have found her all those years ago, and know that she will continue to help, and love, the many dogs who cross her path.

Vivienne & Mark

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